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(click photo to download schematic pdf - ~120kB)

šč is basically a derivation from Triode Dicks "Everymen's Single Ended".
I mainly did this amp, because I had fitting output trannies lying around,
the 6C4C tube's relatively cheap (esp. the very reliable russian NOS/NIB versions)
and I always wanted to do a SE to prove the underlying legends with this kind of amp.

Dick did this amp according to the old tube manuals (Bias, Voltages, Currents etc.).
After I read an article concerning a conservatively rated 2A3 amp (Sorry, I can't find this article.
It was from an american DIY'er, following the tips of a japanese tube guru),
 I decided to rate my 6b4g amp as stated out in this article and used a B+ of 275V only.

I can assure you that it works.  You'll get only about 2.5 to 3 Watts per channel out of this design.
If you have speakers with at least 93db sensitivity it's sufficient enough
 for a 25qm room if you won't listen to techno in full blast.

Always when friends are visiting me, I play some (loud) music on the 6C4C.
In almost every case they advice me after a short time to turn the volume down, because it's much to loud.
When I'm telling them, that they've listened to 2x 3 Watts in the last minutes,
 I always get this special look, saying "What's this idiot telling me.  He wants to take the mick out of me."

How does it sound ? Very good - not more, not less. Please don't expect to get "audiophile" phrases from me.
Towarišč is a very good sounding amp with the typical acoustic properties of a single ended amp.

Like in all my designs I used normal components. All R's are standard 2W MO Types from Reichelt.
The C's are MKP Types and the Cathode R's Bypass Electrolytics are bipolar types.
The output trannies are from Welter.
The main trannie is from HB Ampdesign and I use two trannies for 5U4G Heating from Reichelt.
You can find their Web Sites at the audio/diy-linkz.

 There are no Hi-End Voodoo devices in there.
I will not deny that the amp may sound better with this hi-end, voodoo devices.
For me it's sounding good with the normal components.
And this components didn't blast my budget.

February, 4th. 2006
- The story continues ....

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc.