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(click photo to download schematic pdf - ~120kB)

February, 4th. 2006
Ok ... the story continues. Finally I've done it.
I converted this jewel to parafeed.
 I was very happy with the original "Towari
šč" design esp. in combination with my
SABA GreenCone Speakers but I was carrying this parafeed thought in my mind for a long time.

 However I didn't find any source for the anode load chokes.
Oh, please get me right - there are many sources out there in space, but most of them charge space prices.
As I told you, my budget is limited. I recently found the anode chokes by accident at Reinhöfer Röhrentechnik.
After doing a little of calculating and schematic drawing I finally ordered them.
Due to this modification there are changes in the B+ and in the tubes bias.
Please have a look at the schematic. The photo shows the 2 anode chokes in front.
As mentioned at the "Towarišč" Page - all R's are standard 2W MO Types from Reichelt.
The C's are MKP Types and the Cathode R's Bypass Electrolytics are bipolar types.
The output trannies are from Welter.
The main trannie is from HB Ampdesign and I use two trannies for 5U4G Heating from Reichelt.
You can find their Web Sites at the audio/diy-linkz.

This is NO dramatical improvement PERIOD.
It's a little bit more of everything. A bit more of singing and splendidness.
It's up to you if you want to spend the ~ 80 EURs for this change.
I wouldn't hesitate a snatch PERIOD.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc.