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(click photo to see pdf - ~111kB)

September, 19th. 2009

 ... hmmh yeah in the long run I managed to publish that little jewel.
Just now -  waiting to drive to a friends 50th birthda
y -  I decided to finish the web publishing.
The circuit is based on the famous EURiDICE circuit of Ciro Marzio, Cristiano Jelasi & Luca Chimenti.
 Just do a google and you'll find several different versions of the design.

Mine is a based on a C3g "Deutsche Post" Pentode wired in Triode connection.
What shall I say - this is a real KEEP IT SMALL AND SIMPLE approach and sounds wonderful.
This time I didn't document the power supply.
Just take a look at the power supplys for the "30somethang" and "Der BaRBaR" and recalculate it,
so that ~150V are dropped at the RC filter stages.
 I did it the same way with R's & C's I had at hand.
Heater supply is 6.3V= without any VOODOO.
By the way - the 30's on the chassis in the photo above are only for decoration :-)
 (The C3g is a bit ugly - at least if canned)

Have a nice weekend

Update: June 7th. 2010
Tried LED bias -  and it suits me better.
Updated schematic.
Since it's no big deal -  neither wallet nor soldering - test it yourself.
cheers v.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc.