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© - Iron Horse)

4 wheels move the body - 2 wheels move the soul
(unknown origin)

Above my first real bike, below my current:
Almost no electronics, no comfort, just a '77build reliable
ITALIAN (this is NO contradiction) 2 Cyl. V that kicks ass.


If you think you can top it, feel free to send me any pages, links, comments.

Sorry, but this is no invitation for german dentists, lawyers,
pharmacists, doctors, young-flexible-successful-managers
and other FDP-voters to send me pictures of their multi million
dollar "fine weather", "Düsseldorf KÖ approved" Harleys.

Just for clarification: I like Harleys. Especially old Harleys are real bikes.
What I don't like is their german marketing policy in the last ~15 years
and most of the guys, who bought a new one in this era (see above).

And please: Better look twice at photos/links/comments dealing
with Japanese Bikes or "Yogurt Mugs" before sending.