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I think I confirm every prejudice:
A german guy, who's drinking beer at every occasion and is writing at his web site about beer.
 Most likely he's eating  "Eisbein mit Sauerkraut" all the time.
Not at all: I'm a lover of italian food. But the beer-statement is true.
Beer is brewed in many countries all over the world.
Every country has its good and its bad beers.
The difference is: Only a few countries have more good than bad beers.
And the good beers of some countries are much worse than even the most bad beers of other countries. :-)
Don't worry. This is the private opinion of a very subjective german guy !

I've not visited all countries; I think countries with more good than bad
beer are i.e. Austria, Czechia and - of course - Germany, on the other side - abandoned
 from the sun in the beer universe - we have . . . Belgium, England, US.
Ok, ok, ok, I revoke my statements about belgian beer: They have very good beer in Belgium but
also a great number of very strange compositions and combinations - and what we see in the
 last 20 years is a raising bunch of exceptions of very good beers in England and the US.
But the mass beers there are really p*ss.
Of course we have horrible beer here in Germany too - we call it "KÖLSCH" :-).
However, this stuff is only allowed to brew in the nearer ambit of Cologne and the most is sold there too.
Thank God, so most other people in Germany never get in contact with this donkeys p***.

The most brewerys in Germany reside in Franconia/Bavaria.
And normally they brew a very good beer.
Almost every little town in Franconia has at least one brewery, which brews at least three
sorts of beer -  "Hell", "Dunkel" and "Pils" (sorry, I tried to translate it to english - but
believe me there is no correspondence in english that wouldn't affront the franconian Hell & Dunkel).
Another great traditional brewery area is around the Ruhr Valley with extensions to
Rhineland and Sauerland. Today they mostly brew Pils,
in the past especially the Ruhr Valley was famous for their Export Beer (Dortmunder Helles) .

I read an article, stating out that we have 5000 different beers in Germany.
My goal is to try them all, but I'm unfortunately far, far away from it.
(I think that I've tasted 200 - 250 so far. YES, I spend a lot of my holidays in Franconia).

 Due to my home in the "Niederrhein" (lower-rhine), there is no good source of
franconian "DUNKEL" in the neighbourhood, which is my absolute favourite beer.

Since 2002 I'm trying to collect every label of the different beer brands I tasted. 

I have around 300 now (and YES there's NO "KÖLSCH" Label in the collection, 
however I'm sometimes forced to drink "Kölsch" out of necessity :-)

Here are some brands - out of the lot - that I could absolutely recommend.
By the way: We have very good wine in Germany, especially from the Ahr and the Mosel, but that's another story.

try it !!!