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(the db's - Amplifier)

But — and this is a very important "BUT" —
is more important than high-end audio or tubes.

John Broskie -

And - don't let fool 'ya - beside "Class D" there has been nothing new in audio circuitry
for the last 25 years. THX to guys like J.B., who present the "old shit" in new, clever
and sophisticated ways. Highly appreciated !

the v. -

I'm a great fan of the KISS Principle; but like Einstein said "Keep it small and simple - but not simpler".
The great advantage of tube audio circuits is their straight forward "simple" design compared to most sand circuits.
 Nevertheless it costs some gray cells to make the design simple AND good sounding. That's what Einstein meant :-)
 Following up are some of the audio projects I build so far. I'm not the guy to invent the wheel twice.
So most of my stuff are projects I found on the web, often altered slightly.
I'm convinced of these projects and will always reference the original web sites,
articles, schematics etc.  I don't want to adorn me with borrowed plumes.
Also - as you soon will notice I have a limited budget to practice this hobby.
So I'm using "run-of-the-mill" components wherever I can and I prefer cheaper solutions,
wherever I don't know exactly if I will notice a difference that's worth the "burned" money.
Voodoo components are only used where I  assume that it makes any sense i.e. in phono preamps.
The aim behind the presentation of my stuff is to show YOU that there are outstanding
TUBE DIY Projects on the web and to encourage YOU to search and built them.

 Furthermore this is a MUzIC site. I'm not really interested in Hifi or HighEnd.

I'm interested in MUzIC; period.

ok,ok I'm interested in building tube hifi, too ;-)

So before you go out and buy a multi-million-dollar-interconnect-
or loudspeaker cable, or any other esoteric voodoo component

 spend the money on VINYL;
even CD's are better than cable !!!
And if you don't know how to play the newly bought VINYL,
check DA'BAY for a used
record player.
Chances are high that they're cheaper than the cable you'd like to buy.
This page is in an infinite build process. So, please look at the photos.
If you see a blue (linked) headline, the project is online.
Or look in the newZ to see if something's updated.

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Saturday, September, 19th. 2009
(LC coupled parafeeded Line Pre wit C3g)


Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 2009
        Sunday, July, 27th. 2008

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digitool 3.0ana.log 3.0

Thursday, January, 9th. 2008

   Wednesday, November, 29th. 2006
audio anaLogue

Saturday, February, 3rd. 2007
Der BaRBaR
(Line Pre with LC coupled "Deutsche Post" Triode Ba)

Saturday, April, 21st. 2007
(Line Pre with LC coupled 30 Triode)

Saturday, February, 4th. 2006
товарищ - the towarišč
(6C4C/6s4s/6b4g - single ended)


Tuesday, February, 14th. 2006
товарищ2 - the towarišč2
(6C4C/6s4s/6b4g single ended & parafeeded)

Sunday, February, 25th. 2007
товарищ простой -
the towarišč prostoj
(6C45 & 6C4C single ended & parafeeded


 Saturday, March, 3rd. 2007
товарищ солнцекот - the towarišč solcnekot
(6n1p & 6C4C single ended & parafeeded)

Monday, December, 5th. 2005
the awoll
(6em7 push-pull)

Wednesday, November, 29th. 2006

Monday, May, 1st. 2007
the sansuTubeTAmp

Tuesday, February, 14th. 2006
the bigOraGreeCos

Sunday, Oct. 4th, 2009
            Saturday, April, 8th. 2006
 la cigarra
la cigarra V2

Sunday, January, 14th. 2007
 la Obertura

Sunday, April, 15th. 2007
 <P>retty <S>urprising <1>