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Another christmas tale.
After working almost forever on the cabinets my father-in-law finally finished them.

Voila "La Obertura". Build on details of the "SABA Cello" given at Michael Methe's Site.

And I got it as a 2006 christmas gift.

I've not started any activities on the cabinets as of now.
As you can see from the mounting holes they're intented to house varying speakers via adapter panels.
 The initial configuration will certainly cover my SABA Greencones but probably it'll be not the last setup.

Addendum January, 2nd. 2007

I finished them on December, 31st. 2006.
This is the interim final setup with my SABA Greencones mounted on the adapter panels.
It'll be definitely NOT the last setup - especially 'cause I'm not very happy
with the finish of the adapter panels - but I'm going to try other speakers also.
The sound ??? - deep, a lot of punch - a musical instrument.
In comparison to the "BigOraGreeCos" more punch, more homogeneity - for me the better choice - but
I suppose that it depends on amp choice and placement possibilities in your listening room.
At least with the Greencones, the differences are not massive but absolutely noticeable.

I recommend the "BigOraGreeCos" for Greencone-Starters.
"La Obertura" is for the more advances Greencone User.

Addendum January, 14th. 2007

La Obertura equipped with 1950's ISOPHON Alnico speakers.

Addendum January, 20th. 2007

Overall impression is much more homogeneous than with the Greencones.
Bass is clearer.
 Hights are better.
Voices better.
Better Timing ....
I will need a little time to verify that and to be sure that it's not only a matter of mood. So ....

... stay tuned ....
for the sequel of this story

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc.