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(click photo to download cabinet construction drawings pdf - <100kB)

This is an "Open Baffle" design with the legendary SABA GreenCone Speakers.
I bought the speakers via ebay and I really hope that no old radio was cannibalized just for the speakers.
Old SABA radios are magic. The sound of this 50 year old chassis is really fascinating in this design.
They play in their own league and are hardly comparable to anything else I've listened to so far.
The sound is very open and natural and in particular voices and acoustical instruments are reproduced really amazing.
Big and deep bass is not their cup of tea - but who would expect big and deep bass with this design ???
That is really no problem if you have a subwoofer doing the deeper notes.
I don't really know if they are better than other designs,
but they are completely different - and as I said before: Hardly comparable to other designs.

I'm currently listening to this speakers all the time, nevertheless my father in law is
building a "Cello" Cabinet. I hope that this new cabinets will take the GreenCones a further step ahead.

Details ASAP. Promised :-)

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc.