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ana.log 3.0

Sunday, Oct. 4th, 2009
Some changes to ana.log 2.0.
Firstly I modded the Scheu-parts to a kind of sub-chassis direction :-)
As a new base there are two beech-boards that are glued together in opposite
direction of the grain. Between the two boards there are holes filled with sand.
The beech-chassis rests on three SinnOxx damping feets.
Above the beech boards there is the old - but downsized - granite platter, which rests
on three Oelbach Igel-Shock absorbers. As before there is the 10.5" MK1 Scheu Unipivot Tonearm,
which is now mounted on a tonearm board, so that ín future I'll be able to swap arms without big effort.
The used system is a Denon DL-103.

Perhaps the biggest change in the setup is the Cambridge Audio Azur 640P phono preamp.

How can that IDIOT switch from a tubed Phono Preamp to a SAND-amp, I can hear you shriek.

Yes, hmmm because it sounds good. It sounds different to a tubed PPAmp - but nevertheless
it sounds very good. BTW: The cambridge is already heavily modded (warranty - which warranty) ->
Other OP-amps, all Schottky diodes and partly other caps (the chassis is very small - so that you
can't use any cap). Currently I'm in the process to install a SPEEDO MK2 power regulator - which I
bought at ebay - as an external power supply.

So you have to stay tuned, to see what happens next ....

As always: Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, corrections, comments etc.