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(Stanley Clarke©/E. Spalding© - All Over Again)

It was time for something new.
This is the introduction to my new analogue setup.

I always was fascinated from the history of the Denon DL-103.
So I googled the net for info on this system.
All serious sources were advising that you need for the best results a heavy tonearm,
a good step-up transformer (though some sources are stating that
 "le Prepre" from J. Hiraga is at least on par with a step-up transformer -
I'm gonna try this in future :-) and a good tube phono preamp.
By accident I got the chance to purchase a second hand DIY turntable out of SCHEU parts
shortly after buying the DL-103. So the DL-103 went on this beauty.


The next step was to build the MC StepUp.
I heard that the Amplimo TM-3 should be a good value for money.
However you have to do housing,  earthing etc.
 I did a little bit more and added some switchable resistors,
which let me play a little bit with the impedance of the complete stepup device. 

(click photo to see schematic)

The next thing to do, was to switch the stuff on and to do some tests.
And the result was horrible.
Though it was absolutely audible that the overall sound would be great,
I got LOTS OF underlying HUM.
After messing around - and finally getting it right - with the earthing of these
f***** little stepUps, it was obvious that the other problem was my phono preamp.
I think that da f****ed up little jewel took revenge on me:
it wanted to punish me for - not doing it right - and building only a wooden chassis.

F*** -> So lets build a metal chassis for the Phono Dude.
Okay, I'm gonna do that, but it'll be the 2nd step.
The 1st step was to build up a phono pre, thats schematic I discovered by accident on the web.
The original schematic came from Thorsten Loesch.
I build the version of  Carsten Rauth (carawu)/Martin Ruppel,
with an ECC808 instead of an ECC83/7025, published at Jogis Röhrenbude.
As I first switched on this unit, I thougt it was broken, no hum, no dizz, not any noise/sound.
But it wasn't broken, it was dead quiet.
And when I then turned on the Scheu/Denon, the sound was - and still is - AWESOME.

So, will I ever build the metal chassis for the PhonoDude?
Yes, for sure, but there's no need to rush.
This unit is so very good, that I'm gonna have all the time in the world to do the disliked metal work.
For sure I'm gonna let you know how the "METAL" Dude will sound.

As always: Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, corrections, comments etc.