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(Bruce Springsteen - Leah)

TubeZ rule

what a BEAUTY
and inside it's "freeZtyle"
(click photo to download schematic pdf - ~300kB)

what you see in the yellow ... is the T-Amp                                           - and here is the tube

I was carrying the idea of reanimating my broken
Sansui AU-555A with me for a long time.
Originally I wanted to do the reanimation with a kind of a gainclone amp.
But as I first heard of the T-Amp, the desicion was clear - I ordered the T-Amp.

The prospect of hearing music without tubes didn't make me very happy.
So I decided to put a tube in front of the T-Amp AND make it switchable.
So with this Amp I'm able to compare a pure T-Amp with a tubed Input T-Amp. T
he Tube Input Section is made up of a 7044 Tube in CF Configuration.
For more details have a look at the schematic.

As for now (February 2006) I can't say much about the sound,
because I haven't made any intensive rehearsals.
At a little soundcheck it seemed that an active Tube Input sounds better.
At least to my ears. As soon as I've done some really soundchecks I'll let you know the results.

[May, 1st. 2006]: OK, .... sorry ... I regret ... but so far I can't agree to the
euphoric statements on the web. This amp is - at least as of now - :

Maybe that it'll change, BUT I've listended to the amp - with and without tube section - during
the building of "Der BaRBaR" and it didn't convince me. Perhaps this amp is not the right match for my "BigOraGreeCos".
With the
"BigOraGreeCos" it absolutely pales in comparision to "Der BaRBaR" and "Towarisch2".
At least to my taste.
I don't have listened through "La cigarra" so far. May be that this is a better couple.
 Don't get me wrong -> This amp is a bargain for the money. But in my opinion it's not the long awaited tubeKILLA.
As I said before - maybe my opinion will change. So - as always - stay tuned ....

And here a citation about another T-Amp from Hartmut Quaschik at tnt-audio.
It completely fits to my experiences.
Conclusion: Yes, this class T-amp is a bargain.
And yes, there are many amps out there in the world, which sound worse than it, especially for the money.
But for some money more a DIY enthusiast would be able to build a competing low watts power amp
with better sonic results, and there are some famous designs available
e.g. the J.L.Hood, or the Hiraga Le Classe A, or AKSA.
And last but not least, I have absolutely no clue, why anyone would prefer this amp to
a competently designed 300B single ended tube power amp.


 Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc.