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Broskie ruleZ
what a BEAUTY
(click photo to download SansAikido PSU schematic pdf - ~130kB)

Sunday, July, 27th. 2008
put in some pictures
Saturday, October, 3rd. 2009
Yeah, Broskie ruleZ - and yeZ this beast sounds as good as anyone on the net is stating.
I just build the
Aikido Amplifier 9-Pin Stereo Printed Circuit Board but the new
All-in-One kits might even be better, due to the power-supply on board.
The quality of the PCB is incredible for the price esp. with the € at the moment :-)
I did some changes to the heater routing - it's done via cabling - and not on the PCB, because I wanted some good
tubes as cheap as possible. So I went for the PCC189 (actually an ECC88(6DJ8) with other heater voltages) and
 the 12FQ7 (the same tube as the 6FQ7 beside the heater rating).

 Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc.