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(Bjork - Traitor)


Yes I admit that it's the truth. I have disgraced the holy halls of High End and Hifi.
I've added a piece of LO-FI gear to my setup. The Phonic T8300 Tube Enhancer.
 I always wanted to try one of these pro audio psycho effects.
And as I saw an ad announcing the Phonic for as little as 89€, I was unable to withstand.

Because of a relay controlled bypass this part is absolutely transparent in the signal chain if bypassed.
Mmmhh, Yeah, You're right! I haven't bought this part to bypass it.
And if it's not bypassed ??? ... yeah it's a little miracle what this thing does with pooped vinyl, cds and many radio stations.
Ok, I don't wanna exaggerate, so please judge yourself.
If you can get it for the 90€ BUY IT.
And for the - not expected - case that it won't suit you: sell it at ebay as soon as the 90€ source disappears.  

In this case - I'm almost sure that you can sell it with benefit. But I'm also almost sure that you won't ;-)

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc.