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(click photos to download rectifier schematic pdf - ~100kB)

June 16th, 2008

put in first pictures

Oct. 3rd, 2009
So - I wanted - probably as everyone - to try the T-Amp. At first I bougth the original T-Amp to play around with that toy, but wasn't very convinced.
 But I chose to give it another chance and bought an assembled pcb at ebay. It was the TA-2021B pcb from art0 and sounded much better than the original T-Amp.
After struggling some time with the power supply ->
1st try was a digital switching unit, that wasn't really cheap - but was real crap (I had high frequency noise in the speakers).
2nd try was a trannie from a halogen bulb - but for that I had to build in a rectifier circuit, which I first wanted to avoid. But ok, done so - and it was ok.
3rd try - and that's the current setup -  an IBM Notebook PSU with 16V= through the rectifier circuit. I can hear no real difference to the 2nd try, but it's a bit smaller.

Ok - How does it sound ?
I think really good as long as you use adequate speakers. It was no good match to La Obertura but a VEEEeeeRY good match to La Cigarra.
So - out of the reason that I dismantled the
towarišč solcnekot to rebuild it in another chassis - I'm now listening to Herr_T for more than a year - and
yeah - what should I say - it can't really match up to the towarišč,  but I'm happy and don't miss anything really important.

For the price this "toy" is a bargain - Don't miss to give it a try - Normally you shouldn't regret it.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc.