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(Depeche Mode - Walking In My Shoes)

(Gang Of 4 - In The Ditch)

VAlviac's a german guy in his 40s, who's trying to improve his English (sorry for my poor English -
I'm coming from the german speaking area of Germany) and intentionally don't put a photo in here.

Ok, ok ! After my wife kept on joking due to the unpublished photo, I finally yielded.

This is me in 1969 at the age of 6. Tax your brain ...

Anything else important ? 

Yes and No:

apropos english: if you find something wrong (miZZpelled, miZpronounced, miZunderstood, miZtranslated and other miZ... except the "Zz")
at my site, contact me, I'll correct it aZap and will gratefully mention yo